12-20 Lowell v. Portland Transcript

Lowell wins the face off. There’s a shot! Skies with it! Skies puts it in on the rebound. That’s a Lowell goal

Clocksey is excited

Portland enters the zone. Galadriel Funk shoots it and that’s put in by Mara Temple! The stems have tied it up. Here comes Lowell into the attacking zone. Kondo maneuvers over. Shot saved by Sagi Archer

Lowell on the attack. Now Portland recovers it. Koivisto. There’s Han. Koivisto. Koivisto again. Shot. Saved by Beth Bethst.

Here come the Wizard Clocks.

Pendrys with it.

Shot save! Then is put in by Theorosa Gettwin. Lowell takes the 2-1 lead.

Here’s Portland. Down behind it. Sindhu with it. Sindhu skates in, shot! Sindhu gets her own rebound and puts it in. Portland ties the game.

Seconds winding down in period 2. Manning goes up the right side. Manning cuts back. Manning with the maneuver! Shoots! Scores! The Lowell Captain has taken the lead. Here we go. Kondo up the side. To Manning. Manning shoots scores! It’s a 4-2 lead for Lowell!

Stems breaking out of their zone. Here come the Stems. Shot from the center grabbed by Bethst.

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