Tune’s Four Goals Help lead Moon Punishment to big win over dark side

3 Dark Side of the Moon Pink Void at Moon Punishment 10



Period 1
Jet (Beale, Sheehan) 7:17 MOON
Tune (Love, Rabbit) 12:07 MOON
Tune (Rabbit, Quass) 16:57 MOON
Skies (Scriam) 20:00 MOON

Period 2
Luu (Mitchell, Cannon) 3:58 VOID
Beale (Lu) 7:21 MOON
Johnson (Helin, Mitchell) 11:32 VOID
Sateen (Jet, Lu) 11:55 MOON
Jet (Beale, Sateen) 13:24 MOON
Temple 17:48 MOON

Period 3
Payne (Johnson, Mitchell) 0:31 VOID
Tune (Lu) 3:45 MOON
Tune (Sateen, Skies) 13:25 MOON


Moon Punishment: Sheehan 34 Saves (37 Void Shots)

Pink Void: Visticuffs 34 MINS 18 Saves (25 Punishment Shots)
Zhuravlyova 26 MINS 14 Saves (17 Punishment Shots)


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