Muck defeat mermaids

3 Brooklyn Mermaids at Anaheim Muck 12



Period One
Tsai (Chisholm, Velazquez) 0:53 BRK
Cordova (Tan, Ochoa) 1:06 ANA
Walker (Boxer) 5:40 ANA
Walker (Lindsey) 8:09 ANA
Feinstein (Cordova, Lindsey) 8:51 ANA
Lindsey (Tan, Cordova) 9:38 ANA

Period Two
Horne (Roebling) 2:06 BRK
White (Ride, Feinstein) 10:43 ANA
Walker (Lindsey, Tan) 14:11 ANA
Ochoa (Cordova, McDaniel) 16:20 ANA
Davis (Walker, Wakatsuki) 19:56 ANA

Period Three
Bass (Walker, McDaniel) 7:22 ANA
Bass (Walker) 8:17 ANA
Ginsburg (Hammad) 9:18 BRK
Ochoa (Boxer, Bass) 19:32 ANA


Brooklyn: McLain 33 Saves (41 Muck Shots)
Wisteria 11 Saves (15 Muck Shots)

Anaheim: Wakatsuki 32 Saves (35 Mermaids Shots)


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