Generaux Hat Trick Leads Steams Over Sub Bears on 4-20

4 San Jose Submarine Bears at Portland Stems 7



Period 1
Shimmer (Generaux, Seafoam) 2:15 POR
Seedling 13:05 POR

Period 2
Generaux (Seedling) 1:54 POR
Jerrialdi (Mordenow, Bruce) 6:52 SJ

Period 3
Jerrialdi (Kosinski, Zachary) 0:30 SJ
Generaux (Seedling, Orchard) 2:30 POR
Capitane (Gykar, Zachary) 4:09 SJ
Baked (Blaze, Fernleaf) 5:57 POR
Marcus (Jerrialdi) 7:30 SJ
Orchard (Waves, Archer) 11:25 POR
Generaux (Baked, LaFleur) 13:50 POR

San Jose: Bestfriend 38 Saves (45 Portland Shots)
Porland: Archer 47 Saves (51 San Jose Shots)


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