Grumpy Frogs Win At Home Over Mermaids

4 Brooklyn Mermaids at St. Paul Grumpy Granite Frogs 6



1st Period
Flanagan (Norris, Susanti) 0:17 MINN
James (Benatar, Wasserstein) 19:52 BRK

2nd Period
Shen (Gibbs, Borg) 3:12 MINN
Molter (Antil, Bancroft) 6:17 MINN
Carter (Rivera, Hammad) 6:34 BRK
Banham (Gibbs, Whelan) 17:28 MINN

3rd Period
Flanagan (Banham, Susanti) 1;13 MINN
Wasserstein (James, Horne) 15:18 BRK
Roebling (Smith, Carter) 15:57 BRK
Borg (Antil, Saleh) 17:44 MINN
Whelan (Norris) MINN

BRK: McLain 40 Saves (46 Minnesota Shots)
MINN: Saleh 47 Saves (51 Brooklyn Shots)


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