Kalers Take Shootout Win Over Mystery

5 Hartford Kalers at Mississippi Mystery 4



1st Period
Cowell (Ogbonna, Longhurst) 10:42 HFD
Human (Snarkmistress, Goldtender) 16:49 MISS
Funk (Tolland, Gettwin) 19:36 HFD

2nd Period
Dean (Ill Repute, Snarkmistress) 4:05 MISS
Eaglesnake (Ill Repute, Whirlpool) 11:15 MISS
Pyrs 16:56 HFD

3rd Period
COwell (Funk, Clavard) 12:36 HFD
Whirlpool (MemePoster, Snarkmistress) 19:36 MISS

Whirlpool MISS
Funk HFD
Gettwin HFD

Hartford: Oakley 39 Saves (43 Mississipi Shots)
Mississipi: Goldtender 43 Saves (47 Hartford Shots)


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