Matthews Scores Five as Subpoenas Win Yellow Line Series Game

3 Alexandria Weird Towers at Washington Subpoenas 9



1st Period
Matthews (L. Hampshire, Marr) 1:59 WSH

2nd Period
Matthews (Ayres, L. Hampshire) 0:12 WSH
Matthews (Ayres, L. Hampshire) 0:37 WSH
Matthews (Ayres, L. Hampshire) 3:17 WSH
Lowe (Rowe, Arciniega) 10:55 ALX
Matthews (Samuels, Whitly) 13:19 WSH

3rd Period
Arnold (L. Hampshire, Ayres) 2:32 WSH
Toberman (Hamilland) 4:47 WSH
Silversmith 9:35 ALX
C. Hampshire (Johnson, Marr) 11:22 WSH
Toberman (Johnson, Kats) 12:16 WSH
Silversmith (Hamilton, Ralston) 16:52 ALX

Alexandria: Sornpao 44 Minutes 37 Saves (44 Washington Shots) Ciolacu 15 Minutes 8 Saves (10 Washington Shots)

Washington: Marr 26 Saves (29 Alexandria Shots)


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