Pie Capture Rhodeachusetts Ax in Win Over Wizard Clocks

5 Lowell Wizard Clocks at Providence Pie 10



Period 1
Kernel (Osipowich, Murray) 0:17 PROV
Franklin (Osipowich) 10:11 PROV
Madison (Ranger) 15:27 LOW

2nd Period
Wiley (Collette, Congdon) 5:24 PROV
Chace (Thorp) 6:12 PROV
Murphy (Wiley, Howe) PROV
Congdon 13:53 PROV
Osipowich (Murphy) 18:20 PROV
Madison (Haddaway, Herrera) 19:05 LOW

3rd Period
Kernel (Howe, Lewis) 2:43 PROV
Murphy (Howe, Wiley 4:35 PROV
Carter (Guzman) 5:53 LOW
Madison (Khan, Bombelles) LOW
Murray (Howe, Murphy) 18:41 PROV
Madison (Carter, Slay) 19:40 LOW

Lowell: Bethst 30 Saves (36 Providence Shots) Backup 16 Saves (20 Providence Shots)

Lewis: 37 Saves (42 Lowell Shots)


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