Trucker Parrots Fly Over Dams

8 West Virginia Trucker Parrots at Tennessee Valley Dams 2



Period 1
Hawkins (Guseva) 0:22 WV
Drake (Shahin, Kuranaga) 3:52 WV
Drake (Guseva, Kuranga) 4:06 WV
Shahin (Peacock, Guseva) 6:07 WV
Ahiru (Karga) 8:39 WV
Damone (Damp, Damous) 12:16 TN

Period 2
Shahin (Bird) 2:48 WV
Hawkins 15:50 WV

Period 3
Damocles (Damura, Damp) 4:06 TV
Hawkins (Ahiru, Guseva) 13:37 WV

West Virginia: McRex 27 Saves (29 Tennessee Shots) W
Tennessee Damvelt 6 Mins 1 Save (5 West Virginia Shots) L Damingham 44 Saves (48 West Virginia Shots)


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