Snark Horses Roll At Home

Quebec AmpersandsPhiladelphia Snark Horses


1st Period
Cassatt (Kelley, Douglass) 12:45 PHL
Bixby (Ross, Clements) 16:27 PHL

2nd Period
Gittings (Tucker, Kutz) 4:31 PHL
Bealieu (Arbour, Rheaume) 9:09 QUE
Bhardwaj (Douglass, Clements) 10:11 PHL
Cole (Kelley, Douglass) 11:47 PHL
Tucker (Judge, Gittings) 19:57 PHL

3rd Period
Jasim (Bouchard, Ward) 1:07 QUE

Quebec: Mustafa 40 Mins 7 Saves (13 Philadelphia Shots) L
Payette 20 Mins 17 Saves (17 Philadelphia Shots)

Philadelphia: Grimke 18 Saves (20 Quebec Shots) W


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