Ampersands Overwhelm Sphenisciformes

Pittsburgh SphenisciformesQuebec Ampersands


1st period
Witmistress (Stickswinger, Valiantsword) 0:40 PIT
Chauhan (Bouchard) 6:49 QUE
Penalty–> Oga (Tripping) 9:59 QUE
Bouchard (Beaulieu) 14:28 QUE
Ward 17:36 QUE

2nd Period
Penalty–> Ogrekicker (Tripping) 1:14 QUE
Arbour 7:43 QUE
Demonwalloper (Valiantsowrd) 10:36 PIT
Goblintaunter (Spearspearer, Ogrekicker) 14:04 PIT
Flamelobber (Stickswinger, Catapulter) 18:31 PIT

3rd Period
Wilkinson (Abel, Arbour) 13:29 QUE
Beaulie (Carle, Mustafa) 19:25 QUE
Chauhan (Rheaume) 19:45 QUE

PIT: Sharkboxer: 19 Saves (24 Shots) L
QUE: Mustafa 14 Saves (18 Shots) W


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