Salt Wallop Monetized Taekwondo

Vancouver Monetized TaekwondoGalt Salt


1st Period
Shack (Wong, MacLeod) 2:01 GALT
Upton (Reddin< Mikkelson) 15:42 GALT
Utpon (Nehru) 18:00) 18:00 GALT

2nd Period
Striker (Supreme, Brainpower) VAN

3rd Period
Aorta (Shack, Adamle) 11:27 GALT
Young (Aorta, Wong) 12:47 GALT
Young (Nehru, Torrent) 13:22 GALT
Penalty–> Kick (Tripping) 13:55 VAN
Lafayette (Marcout, Nixon) 16:27 GALT
Penalty–> Poking (Tripping) 19:17 VAN
Young (Aorta, Shack) 19:43 GALT

Vancouver: Difficult 56 Mins 12 Saves (19 Shots) L Blocker 4 Mins 4 Saves (5 Shots)]

MacLeod 19 Saves (20 Shots) W


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