Mid-Season Playoffs Round 3 Results

Mid-Season Playoffs Round 3

1San Jose Submarine BearsNew York CI-TEA4
3Lowell Wizard ClocksAlaska Murder Hornets0
5Wisconsin Self AwarenessMontreal Med Students2
2New York CI-TEAOTSan Jose Submarine Bears1
7West Virginia Trucker ParrotsDark Side of the Moon Pink Void2
3Washington SubpoenasMississippi Mystery2
5Moon PunishmentSeattle Crepusculars3
3Alaska Murder HornetsLowell Wizard Clocks3
5Providence PieHartford Kalers3
4Montreal Med StudentsWisconsin Self Awareness7
0Dark Side of the Moon Pink VoidWest Virginia Trucker Parrots1
1Mississippi MysteryWashington Subpoenas4
2San Jose Submarine BearsNew York CI-TEA1
0Seattle CrepuscularsMoon Punishment4
0St. John’s LandseersAnaheim Muck5
0Hartford KalersProvidence Pie2
4Lowell Wizard ClocksAlaska Murder Hornets2

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