Image of Buffalo basic Vampires arena consisting of gold and blue color scheme and giant video board. Pumpkin logo at center ice.

Recent Regular Season Results

HEY! A post update!

Moon Punishment at Brooklyn
Moon 3
Brooklyn 0

Quass (Kondo & Mott) 13:51 1st MOON
Kondo (Temple, Akiror) 2:31 3rd MOON
Akiror 14:33 3rd Moon

Moon: Sheehan 60:00 26 Saves on 26 Shots W SO
Brooklyn: McLain 60:00 21 Saves on 24 Shots L

Peoria Ow! at Buffalo Basic Vampires
Peoria 3
Buffalo 5


Capitane (Lin, Birch) 3:51 1st PEO
West (Flanagan, Krankor) 6:18 1st PEO
Drake (Witmistress, Morris) 19:12 1st BUF
Rudd (Barnaby) 19:55 1st BUF
Rudd (Barnaby, Initiator) 7:32 2nd BUF
Lock (Rudd) 8:44 2nd BUF
Bradley (Lombardi) 15:54 3rd PEO
Yeon (Tieu, Stoker) 3rd BUF EN

PEO Aman 59:29 22 Saves on 25 Shots 1 Empty Net Goal on 1 Shot
BUF Gaffney 60:00 23 Saves on 26 Shots

Toronto Turntable Beef at DC Subpoenas
Toronto 2
DC 3

Wheat (Ochoa, Snek) 5:55 1st TOR
Kats (Josephs) 11:50 1st DC
Zaragoza (Ma, Diaz) 15:44 1st TOR
Arnold (Lindsey, Samuels) 5:31 2nd DC
Arnold (Lindsey, Samuels) 10:04 3rd DC

TOR: Nekobasu 59:25 19 Saves on 22 Shots L
DC: Marr 59:51 19 Saves on 21 Shots W

Laramie Emilys at Brooklyn Mermaids
Laramie 5
Brooklyn 3

Ginsburg (Jerrialdi, M.Garcia) 1:18 1st BRK
Gisnburg 4:06 1st BRK
Valiantsword (Willock) 4:28 2nd LAR
Williams (Phasiri, Willock) 6:11 2nd LAR
Angamuthu (Catley, Howe) 12:52 2nd LAR
Garcia (Ginsburg, Chisholm) 2:46 3rd BRK
Catley (Valiantsword, Angamuthu) 15:37 3rd LAR
Willock (Phasiri) 19:54 3rd LAR

LAR: Mustafa 15 Saves on 18 Shots W
BRK: McLain 19 Saves on 23 Shots L

St. John’s Landseers at Moon Punishment
St. John’s 1
Moon 5

Tune (Lu, Skies) 6:19 1st MOON
Ride (Quass, Cook) 15:44 1st MOON
Temple (Quass, Akiror) 1:17 2nd MOON
Makhungu (Drago, Shakir) 2:27 2nd STJ
Scriam (Temple, Kondo) 2:45 3rd MOON
Temple (Scriam, Lu) 15:10 3rd Moon

STJ: Tayfel 55:09 23 Saves on 28 shots L Payette 4 Saves on 4 Shots
MOON: Sheehan 60:00 15 Saves on 16 Shots W

Galt Salt at Dark Side of the Moon Pink Void
Galt 4
Void 1

Upton (Friky, Whelan) 15:47 1st GALT
Johnson (Nu, Chernykh) 19:55 1st VOID
Young (Young) 4:35 2nd SALT
Shack) (Rogeers, Marcout) 6:39 2nd SALT
Wong (Marcout, Young) 19:25 2nd Salt

GALT: Grimké 60:00 21 Saves on 22 Shots W
VOID: Visticuffs 60:00 21 Saves on 25 Shots L

Vancouver Monetized Taekwondo at Iowa Cloned Eyes
Vancouver 0
Iowa 4

Hamilton (Han, Hannibal) 00:40 1st IOW
Hannibal (Hamilton, Hancock) 17:44 1st IOW
Hanowar (Hanover, Hanfin) 8:29 2nd IOW
Hanigan (Houlihan, Hanrahan) 11:55 3rd IOW

IOW: Hannuel 59:50 20 Saves on 20 Shots W SO
VAN: Goldtender 60:00 22 Saves on 26 Shots L

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