Brooklyn v. New York 7-21 Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to Horseplays Center in Brooklyn, New York, where the New York CI-TEA will take on the Brooklyn Mermaids inn NARWHAL action.
It’s been a while. Welcome back. Sky Soo in net for the Mermaids and Eileen McLain in net for no I said that wrong It was New York CI-TEA. Mermaid hey well hey we’re already off to a rip roaring start in the most professional league in hockey.
They’ve dropped the puck yeah Onaodowan’s got it.
Here we go.
Onaodowan’s with it.
Diggs over to Henry, and there’s a shot goes wide of the net.
Into the corner.
And we’ve got a penalty. It’s going to be tripping. Who’s it on?
Congdon. Jacqueline Congdon in the box at 3:05. Power play for the CI-TEA.
Here we go. Attempt to clear bounces off a player but the second try goes and corralled by Soo. O’Malley’s got it. O’Malley to Onaodowan on up to James.
Kim James skates right and shoots in McLain with the save, and going to cover it up.
When you need baskets there’s only one place to turn McCraskets Baskets has had baskets in their wheelhouse for over 300 years. That’s how long they’ve been making baskets so if you need a basket well, why wouldn’t you turned to them, unless you’re kind of a total idiot.
All right. Face Off.
There’s a shot blocked goes to McLain, to Osipowich it’s Osipowich who flings it down. That’s going to eat up a lot of time in this penalty. Munoz recovers it. Flicks it down.
CI-TEA going to try one more time. McLain ready for it.
And now the Mermaids back to full strength trying their own thing. O’Rourke centers that. Munoz gets to it instead. Goldsberry.
Diggs. Diggs gains the zone has to hold up looking for help. Diggs takes it in. Osipowich with it.
Thinks that’s Osipowich
Nonethieless there’s Tsai right in the middle and it’s saved by Soo.
On the royal road.
Here comes Miranda.
Passes is it out to the point.
I don’t know our camera could have followed that and there’s a goal.
Out of nowhere.
New York takes the lead.
Alexa Miranda gets it. Assisted by Recurra.
And that just gets under McLain. Watching it again. I don’t know. Maybe got under or to the left. Tough, tough angle there. Nonetheless, the New York CI-TEA are up one to nothing.
Munoz off the face off to Rua, Rua chased back into her own zone. Miranda that’s still out there. Miranda coming right back in on the attack. Miranda shoots it again this time McLain with the save. Miranda still with it.
Munoz to Recurra. Recurra shot bounces to Congdon. Ginsburg
Passes out. There’s a shot! Goes wide. Jerri..Jerrialdi.
Congdon gets it to Garcia. Saved by Soo. Soo gives it out to Munoz.
Back come the visitors. Munoz takes it end to end, shot goes off the keeper.
Ginsburg now.
Brooklyn looking to set something up there’s a shot deflects into the corner.
And that pass did not go as planned.
goes all the way back to McLain.
And we’re going to end period one that way.
So after one. New York CI-TEA leading this game with one goal, to no goals.
Back for period two. Packed house here at Horseplays.
Garcia and James skate in for the puck drop.
Soo is immediately challenged and Soo is up for it.
Congdon gets a good shot off saved by the keeper.
Onaodowan to Henry.
Skates around…O’Malley with it.
Just floating around.
Brooklyn escapes their zone.
And there’s a shot right in front. Ginsburg. Ginsburg tries. Second try.
There’s a third try.
O’Malley finally recovers it from New York. New York trying to escape gets it out but Brooklyn’s got it right back. And here we go again and there’s a shot saved by Soo.
Chisholm right in front. Save. Shot goes errant.
And now, New York with their attempt.
Very back and forth game so far. There’s another shot. Flies off of McLain. Diggs with it
Diggs fighting to hold on to it round the back boards.
Shen, gives it to Onaodowan. Shen shot! Think that’s Shen. Scores! Yes. Shen got the pass, and Yunlei Shen, puts New York, up two to nothing.
See how this play emerged just a wonderful feed to the breaking Shen in the middle.
Leading the Mermaids in on a their latest attack it tries to wrap around that did not work.
Sometimes they do in this game but most of the time they do not. Onaodowan to Rua.
Rua gains the zone.
And out and there’s a centering, and you saw what happened.
Centering pass just shot goes right in on net but nothing happened.
Osipowich. Gets it out to James.
And there’s a shot and Soo decides to play it out.
Shen to Rua. Rua’s got space but ends up in Brooklyn hands.
James now carries it in for Brooklyn. Across…intercepted out to Shen Shen immediately double teamed
Brooklyn tries it. Miranda. Not Brooklyn that’s my mistake.
And we’re done with period two.
Well, It’s time for the third period.
In comes, New York.
James gets it in the center. Flicks it out to an Onaodowan. O’Malley shot blocked.
Shot gets on net, but Soo plays it out, and New York with another try goes in for the rebound but McLain not giving it up.
Jerrialdi to Congdon.
Bounces around.
Garcia and loses it.
Here comes Diggs. Diggs to Henry. Henry shoots it wide.
And all the way back down it will come.
And back out New York goes.
Gets it to O’Malley. Munoz from the slot.
Rua tries the Wrap around. McLain saw that coming from, I don’t know, not just miles away, hundreds of miles away. And we’ll have another face off. Hey you want ham? Doctor Ham’s got your ham, you know that.
Brooklyn. And that’s stolen and easily becomes a crisis because Shen stole it right off the face off and it was quickly a scoring opportunity.
New York with it. Recurra.
Miranda. Nope. And Brooklyn trying to get something going with just over six minutes in period three.
Wraparound try. Nope. Shot from the slot. Nope.
New York back in. Shot way over the net
Chisholm carries it in. Loses it, and the CI-TEA back with it.
Rua gets it but loses it. Defense is on top of her. Ginsburg. The goalie is pulled, and there’s a shot
New York can probably ice it here if they can just get it in and they missed the net.
Congdon. Congdon trying. 30 seconds to go.
It’s dumped in
Brooklyn seriously running out of time.
Roebling scores!
11.8 seconds to go but Brooklyn breaks the shout out.
Assists to James and Horne.
Just got in the center of the slot and shot it by Soo.
Good pass. Didn’t let the defender in front of her stop her.
But time is going to run out.
Now we’re gonna have a face off with point five seconds to go.
Inevitability is knocking on the door.
You just does have to let it in.
And that’s all. New York CI-TEA win this one two to one.
Thank you all for watching.

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