Buffalo v. West Virginia Highlights Transcript 12-20-21

Trucker Parrots in the offensive zone. There’s a shot! Saved by Goldtender. Goldtender going to cover it up.

Omicron getting into it with Epiphany. Trucker Parrots in the zone passing around. Banks it off the boards. There’s Jonathan. Johnson gets it through the five-hole! And West Virginia is up one to nothing.

Here come the Basic Vampires. One on 3 wasn’t going to work. Here’s a shot goes wide. Here they come again, shot goes wide again. Time winding down the second. Basic Vampires trying to tie the game. From the point. Stickswinger shoots it! Gets it by Tayfel and we have a tie game with 3.8 seconds left in the second frame.

Here comes the Trucker Parrots. Maneuvering it. Gets it…in…save by Goldtender. Another save and play is going to be stopped.

Swarming Trucker Parrots…and it’s a goal! Mikasa Ahiru deflected it in from right near the goal mouth. The Captain, the MVP candidate did it again.

Here comes Buffalo trying to make something happen. Save by Tayfel. Now West Virginia with it. Here’s Stingray. Stingray finds the empty net and there’s the dagger!

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