Purple trimmed shield with a white interior outline, then purple on the left, and light purple on the right. A logo of a happy cat strumming a Ukulele is at top and then below written in futuristic narrow white text trimmed in purple is "WNDRWHAL"

If you’re over 18, you can have yourself added to one of the virtual teams that make up the WNDRWHAL!

Here’s all you have to do:

Contact the NARWHAL via EMAIL, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the following information: (There are some limitations based on the NHL19 game.)

Step 1. Player Details


Pick one of the following:
Dunedin Smug As Eff Alligators
Worcester Knucklehearts
Winnipeg Balloons
East Lansing Judgy Waterfowl

First Name Last Name (Real OR Fake):
Height (5’7 minimum):
Origin City/Country (It’s a fixed list in NHL19 so we have to put something in but can also refer to anywhere in play by play.):
Pronunciation of name:

Step 2. Player Appearance

You can get an idea of the appearance choices from this page and identify how you want your player to look. Please send that information as well.

People who are blind, limited or low vision may contact us and we will arrange setting up your character’s appearance.

Note: Since the WNDRWHAL is an all gender league we will only have a certain proportion of men on each team so there will be a cut off.

The league does reserve the right to reject or remove players based on their conduct.

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