LARAMIE v. WISCONSIN 7-9 Highlights Transcript

Laramie brings it down the ice into the zone. Laramie’s got it right down the corner. Centering pass. Shot and a score.

Willock with that goal. Had a right in the slot and didn’t waste the opportunity.

Assist to Valiantsword who fed it over to her. Look at this. Just not any more than that.

…and the horse was right. Face off down in Laramie end. Shot against… Goal!

Right off the face-off! Ramonalyn Baird just shot it right in through traffic. Assists to Sirleaf and Clark.

Just took a moment to set it up and blasted it in. Tie game.

I don’t know. Overtime underway and over time over. Wisconsin wins.

That didn’t take long.

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