Lowell v. Toronto Maple Leafs 12-25 Transcript

It’s a giant mushroom. HUGE. Marner scores. Maple Leafs have the lead

I told the pope, I said Poep, fuck..anyway…there’s a save by Bethst.

Lowell with it. Diggs shot. Diggs scores! Lowell has tied it up.

You can’t find cars like that anymore. It’s a great car. All right there’s a goal by McDoeck. Lowell has taken the lead early in the second period.

You ever been laughed at by a horse, it’s embarrassing. And there’s a goal. Kinga Skies. Lowell up three to one.

I don’t like fudge. I just don’t like the consistency of it. I like the taste of all the stuff, but there’s a save by Bethsy.

Here comes Lowell. Manning with it. Manning to Thomson. Thomson puts it in. That was was just a beautiful pass. Lowell has a 4 – 1 lead.

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