Montreal v. DC 5-3-21 Play by Play Transcript

Med Students gain the zone.
Holds up, skates to the center, shoots and scores.
That was…made it look easy.
That’s the goal for Ward.
Diana Ward assisted by Quinn DeLancet and Dea bat Pinchas. A goalie point!
Stuffing it in. DC really has to tighten the defense.
All right, Montreal, attacking, passes back. A long shot. Makes it home.
Micheline Warfield scores!
Two-zero Montreal
Assists to Lucia Picard and Goldie Locks.
This lines up a shot right by the defense into the corner.
Montreal back on the attack again.
Here’s Ward, sends it out. Snarkmistress into to the slot! Snarkmistress scores!
Actually looks like Ward is getting credit.
So maybe there is some deflection. So Ward, assisted by The Snarkmistress and DeLancet. So I guess the Snarkmistress got it up and okay Ward gets the final deflection. Still a team effort there. Ward is now on hatty watch.
Here comes the Med Students.
Locks fed it over.
And the final,
final score…that’s Snakrmistress there getting the goal.
Two points for The Snarkmistress tonight already. Assists to Locks and Marcus. Can see Locks sees the opening and the Snarkmistress is right there.
Here comes the Med Students again getting the zone easily. Into the corner, cuts back, shot, score.
Olivia Davis, I think.
No, I was wrong.
It’s 28 not 20.
My bad.
Quinn DeLancet by Ill Repute and Tenforth.
Here’s DeLancet.
DeLacent skates in. DeLancet scores again! Second goal of the game.
Just, just a huge, huge number to put up on DC
and Ill Repute getting the assist
That stick handling and scoring.
And victory for Montreal!

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