Montreal v. West Virginia 12-25 Transcript

I’ve been thrown out of better dentist offices than that I’ll tell you that. There’s a shot! And a goal! Dea Scriam ducks in, the deflection there and Montreal is up one to nothing

Here comes Montreal again. I don’t know yeah I know I should probably sue. All right here’s a shot and it’s Scriam again.

Mavis not happy

West Virginia with it there’s a shot! Save and bat Pinchas has to take desperate measures to stop it from going in

Montreal with it. There’s a shot! Saved by Tayfel.

I don’t know yeah, I don’t know anyway there’s a goal. Locutia Picard puts it in. what

You don’t want to grow carrots in your yard. It’s…you’re asking for trouble you’re going to regret it. And there’s a goal. Shahin from the point.

You see icy highlights of bat Pinchas. There’s a save right there. And here we have well I don’t know what that was and then we have this little thing yeah there was a thing yeah. And here comes Montreal there’s a safe by Tayfel.

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