Portland v. Galt Salt 5-4 Highlights Transcript

Salt have it into the corner, looking to set up a shot. At the point. Down they go. There’s a shot. And a goal!
From the slot.
Archer not happy about that.
Sullivan lurked in the center until the shot could get off. Assists to Rogeers and Mu. Fed despite two Stems around her.
There’s the goal.
Stems on the attack. Fed over. Delayed penalty. Oh through the crowd. Not sure if that was deflected or not.
I think that was LaFleur.
LaFleur getting the Congratulations.
LaFleury headed to the bench first.
Assist to Judge and Shimmer. See this one again.
And the LaFleur…LaFleur deflects it in from in front of the screen, gets it by Grimke.
Salt, again from the center! That’s where the Salt have been the most dangerous. Aorta scores by Archer. Look at that.
Reagan Aorta headed to the bench to celebrate.
Assists to Rogeers and Sullivan. That’s Rogeers’ second assist. <>
See this traffic over in the corner but defense couldn’t do anything about it.
And that’s all. Galt Salt victorious.

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